Designer Series | Meet Kerry

Designer Series | Meet Kerry

Welcome to our Designer Series! Our way to highlight our talented designers for Review. Introducing Kerry who's answered all your questions on her role as a Prom Dress Designer for Review.

26th May 2020
Designer Series | Meet Kerry

We have yet to release the same print twice! There's nothing like the print you haven't met yet!

Q. Will you ever revisit past popular designs or fabrics?

We definitely have a range of signature 'Review' shapes that we have revisited and released in new prints over the years. However we have yet to release the same print twice! There's nothing like the print you haven't met yet!

Q. What makes a prom dress? 

This is a popular question. I design dresses with the 'prom girl' in mind. Cut and silhouette is key! A fitted bodice and full skirt will create that signature 1950's look. The length can vary but is usually dependent on the print. It is always to the knee or longer. Fabric base is generally Cotton blend but can vary.


Q. What inspires you about proms?

Proms are so much fun for me to design into. For shape I look to vintage silhouettes and details which is a dream job for me! And then there are the prints! I get to work with the BEST prints! Of course some are inspired by vintage finds but I also get to work with talented local artists and international print studios. The Prom dress is the perfect canvas for these artworks.

Designer Series


Q. Do you start with a design or a fabric?


A bit of both but usually the fabric/print leads the process. The print creates the mood which sets our theme. I will sketch a few designs considering this, how the fabric falls, how busy or sparse the print is.

Q. How do you choose which Prom Dresses to put pockets in? 


Honestly, we would put pockets in everything if we could - but more important than pockets to us, is flattering fits for everyone. Some styles may have a little less fullness across the hip area, or the fabric may be slightly more structured than others. 

Designer Series