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Meet Sabrina. In a previous life she would only ever wear pants. Even as bride she wore a pantsuit to her own wedding in Italy. These days she wears nothing but Review dresses, and doesn't even own a pair of pants - like seriously. Sabrina even has designated "park dresses" for her kid’s play dates.

16 March 2020
Meet Sabrina
Meet Sabrina

Sabrina wears: Arcadia Dress

How does wearing Review make you feel?

It makes me feel happy, confident and like an expression of my inner self.

What piece of advice would you give your past self?

Just be yourself and stop trying to fit into the mould. 

I didn't do this until a couple of years ago and I wish I had done it earlier because I would have been a lot happier.

Who is a woman that inspires you?

My boss Skye, she is just incredible. 

She is a business owner and is so uplifting of other women, she is supportive and also a great friend.

Going into work is just like having fun every single day.

She is my daily inspiration for sure.

Who is your style icon and why?

A few years ago, I worked in a super and insurance firm and would wear grey every single day.

With my new job at Ruby Olive and having discovered Review, it's really a match made in heaven!

Ruby Olive and Review are my style icons! 

The two of them mixed together are just perfect. 

I can express myself every day and have learnt that life is too short to wear grey.

What is something that sparks joy in your everyday life?

Wearing colour! Also my family; my two little girls Charlotte and Violet and my husband who I have been with since I was 14.

What is your go to motivational song or artist?

Hit me with some 90's R&B, that's what I love on the way to work and on the way to school pick up. I can put on a serious dance party in my car with R&B!

If you could only pick 3 Review items to wear for the rest of the year, what would you pick?

Oh my goodness!

I would have to pick a Chessie Cardi, the Lila Stripe Dress and a good A-line dress.

They're comfortable and i can easily go from work mode to mum mode. 

Meet Sabrina
Meet Sabrina


We aren't a fashion brand, we are a community - a community of love, respect, and empowerment. 

#Reviewgirl is more than a hashtag, it's a way of life...

It's what we all live and breathe. Through good times and bad times we stand strong together.

Who run the world? REVIEW GIRLS!


Thank you Sabrina for being a part of the #ReviewGirl campaign.

Here's to you!


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