At Home With Jess Dempsey

We’ve connected with fellow #reviewgirl Jess to discover how she will be spending the holiday season this year and spoiling her loved ones (and herself) with the Review Gifting Collection. The excitement for Christmas is building and we are dreaming about family time, endless feasts and the joys of treating a loved one to a gift they will adore. Whether you’re near or afar from those you love this Christmas, we wish you nothing but joy! Oh, and don’t forget that treating yourself to a gift is always a good idea!

9 December 2020
At Home With Jess Dempsey

I love tailoring gifts for each person and of course spoiling as many friends as possible.

Meet Jess. A mother of three boys, proclaimed Melbourne coffee snob, shoe-addict and lifestyle blogger. Jess prefers a cosy night in than a crazy night out, gnocchi over salad and chocolate over ice-cream. She spends most of her weekends with her friends and family, enjoying a Maltese feast every Sunday and lusting over her next trip to her happy place, Noosa, QLD. Like many of us, Jess is still trying to figure out that work-life-kid-balance thing, but agree's that putting her best foot forward in a pretty frock is always a step in the right direction. Find out more about Jess in our Q&A.


What does the perfect home office set up look like for you?

I like to have as minimal around me as possible. I just need my essentials! A laptop, notepad, pen, pencil case and a cup of coffee or tea! I love writing and I am a traditional pen to paper girl!

   At Home WIth Jess

What are your top tips and tricks for keeping an organised wardrobe?

I organise in categories - such as all skirts together, all tops, all dresses and all knits. Then I order them in colour, and then again within the colour order. Finally I do them from short sleeve to long sleeve. For my accessories, I love to see them neatly displayed in a jewellery box.

   At Home WIth Jess

How do you wind down at the end of the day?

There is nothing I love more than curling up on the couch, sipping a hot tea or coffee and watching my kids play. I don’t often get to ‘sit’ and relax so it is a nice moment for me.

   At Home WIth Jess

Christmas is just around the corner, how do you choose the perfect gift?

I love tailoring gifts for each person and of course spoiling as many friends as possible. I always try and mix up what I buy, so not everyone I buy a present for gets the same gift! I love Review’s new collection of gifting because I could really choose something for anyone - a cute jewellery box for my niece, a tea cup for my mum and I love (for me) the note-books as I use them all the time!

   At Home WIth Jess


Whether you’re looking for a gift for a loved one or the perfect trinkets to complete your home office or wardrobe, the Review Gifting Collection has something for everyone.


2020 has been a crazy year, what are your goals for 2021?

I hope to build on my new business Jella Case, spend a lot more time with my kids as they are growing so fast and to be more in the moment.


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