Faces of Frocktober | Meet Sam

Faces of Frocktober | Meet Sam

Meet Sam Pidgeon, one of our Faces of Frocktober!

24th October 2019
Faces of Frocktober | Meet Sam

Frocktober is such a feel good way to spend the month – lots of fun for a serious cause.

What makes Frocktober special to you?

Frocktober is such a feel good way to spend the month – lots of fun for a serious cause. I had a friend who sadly recently lost her battle with ovarian cancer and last year when she was undergoing treatment she reached out to tell me how much it meant to her that there were so many people raising awareness and money for the OCRF. Every year, friends who donate share their stories about the women they have known and loved who they have lost to ovarian cancer. Early detection will save lives – I want this for my friends, my daughters and women and girls everywhere. Over the course of the month, so many of my friends and family give so generously to the OCRF and really get involved in awareness raising and spreading the word regarding the need to raise money to fund research and it’s a wonderful feeling to know that one day when research leads to an early detection test and improved treatment options that we will have played a small part in helping that to happen. I love being a part of the Frocktober community – women all over Australia frocking for a cause! Over the years I’ve come to know the names of ‘repeat frockers’ and it’s wonderful to see their photos during Frocktober (and throughout the year) via social media – it’s also wonderful to see people participating for the first time!

How long have you been involved with Frocktober?

My first Frocktober was in 2013. A friend of mine participated in 2012 and I donated to her page. She suggested it was something I might like to get on board with. I am a lover of frocks and taking action to improve the lives of women and girls, so I was excited to get involved. It’s now become a part of my life and something I really look forward to each year – my friends and family are very lovely to put up with my many social media posts throughout the month and always give generously. It has been gratifying to watch Frocktober grow each year and become such an important way to take the OCRF message to the community. Last year I was thrilled to be one of the lucky Frockers to receive a personal illustration from Alexandra Nea – what a treat – and she made me look so glam!


Which Review dress will you be “frocking” this October?

My Luwow shift dress from 2018 will definitely be making an outing! I am also loving the From Me to You dress and the Dreamer Dot dress from the current season…I can’t resist dots or bright floral prints – and Review do them both so beautifully. And of course, frocks look fabulous with cardigans and brooches and my collection of Review cardigans in many colours will be paired with many of my frocks!

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