Working from Home Q&A: @twocorporategirls

Working from Home Q&A: @twocorporategirls

If there’s anyone who knows how to style the perfect working from home outfit, its Beckie and Sophie! Working from your home office or dining room table can be quite the adjustment from the normal corporate environment. The key is to find ways to look chic yet still feel comfortable. Read our conversation with the @twocorporategirls for at home video conferencing styling tips and find out how you can boost productivity in a working from home environment.

26th June 2020
Working from Home Q&A: @twocorporategirls

Our working from home outfits have definitely been more focused around comfort. Review provides the best knits to tackle the comfort vs work appropriate battle.

Q. How have each of you had to adjust your working lives since the social distancing measures began?

We are both in the very fortunate position that our workplaces were prepared for the move - for everyone to work from home (WFH), as they already had a great policy which supported staff having this option prior to the social distancing measures being implemented. The main adjustment for us was getting used to the fact our new "workplace" was now only a few steps from our bedrooms which felt very odd during the first week or so. This forced us to find another way to get into 'work mode' in the morning - rather than having our commute into the office. Let's face it, a sleep-in Monday to Friday is where our thoughts initially went, however that wasn't a recipe for motivation. For Beckie, she ensured that she continued to wake up with plenty of time to have a shower, get ready and have her morning coffee before sitting down at her desk. For Sophie it is much the same, however she also ensures to pop on a little bit of makeup every day even though she may not be seeing anyone other than her partner. This makes her feel more alive, and 'put together' in a sense. 

Q. How is your current at home office set up?

We both initially thought that we were going to be able to use our dining room tables as our office desk, however that thought disappeared very quickly when we realized just how uncomfortable our dining chairs are when sitting for long periods of time! So we both had to venture out, and purchase some items. We both now have a set-up which feels a lot more like a 'work environment'. Although Sophie's table may have been purchased from Bunning's and advertised as a 'camping table', creating a dedicated workspace feels 10 times better than our initial dining room situation.


Q. Do you have any tips to boost productivity and to stay motivated?

We've found that regular breaks throughout the day and going for a walk at lunch have been really crucial to stay productive and motivated. It is near impossible to sit staring at a computer screen all day and remain productive. Both our partners have also been working from home during this period, so we both made sure early on that we are working in separate rooms of the house. This way, once the work day begins, we try to treat each other as 'colleagues' to avoid distracting each other. Having this in place gives you something to look forward to at the end of the day when we switch off from work mode and catch up like we usually would if we were both working in the city.


Q. What are you doing for fun while staying at home?


We have both been doing a LOT of cooking during this time which we love! To be honest, neither of us were the definitions of 'Domestic Goddess' before this, however we are both of the opinion that we are edging closer each day of lock down. It's been great having more time to try recipes that we once thought were way too complicated or were going to take too much time. 


We have both set up Zoom dates! The two of us and our partners (4 in total) have begun playing board games over the Zoom video app each Friday evening, which have been surprisingly lots of fun. With wine/cocktail and sometimes even shots in hand, we can spend anything up to 4 hours talking on Zoom and just have a really fun catch-up. It's an awesome way to lock in plans and having something to look forward to each week.


Q. Do you have any tips for curbing cabin fever?


There is nothing better than getting out of the house and going for a lovely long walk and listening to a podcast to switch off. This is why we dedicate 30-60 minutes either before work or during our lunch hour to get out of the house. We find it imperative in order to feel refreshed, grounded and motivated. We have never has such a high step count in our lives until now!



Q. What's your favourite #reviewathome outfit for video conferencing from home?


Our WFH outfits have definitely been more focused around comfort. However, with numerous video conferences throughout the week, we have had to continue wearing corporate-appropriate attire on our top halves (the part which the camera can see). So having track pants as out bottom-half staple, it's our tops which we continue to change. Review provides the best knits to tackle the comfort vs work appropriate battle. Whether it's a 3/4 sleeve turtle neck, or long sleeve V-neck, the Review fabrics are warm, comfortable and stylish. 


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Q. What's  your favourite #reviewathome outfit for chilling on the weekend?


We are both suckers for a pair of comfortable slacks, teamed with a knit and putting a blazer on top when heading out of the house. This can take you from getting coffee down the street to getting a cocktail in the city. A woman in a blazer says 'confidence, power and success'.


Review not only provides the perfect corporate wear, but each piece is extremely versatile, allowing you to either dress them up or down depending on the event.


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