Love is in the Air: a day on set

Love is in the Air: a day on set

Have you ever been in love? (Dresses count). In this campaign we flirt with the romance of eras past to tell the most fashionable modern-day love story.

31 January 2018
Love is in the Air: a day on set

The drama of hot air balloons and vintage cars symbolise the grand adventure that is falling in love, not to be outshone by one of Victoria’s most popular wedding venues, the beautiful Zonzo Estate.


The night before...



The crew arrived at Yering Gorge cottages.

6:00pm - 10pm

Finishing touches were being made to each outfit’s styling, along with hair and makeup looks.

The day of...

If you’ve ever experienced the pleasure and thrill of a hot air balloon ride, you’ll be familiar with a rather unfriendly wakeup call. And so begins a day on set…


Rudely, our alarms went off and we were in full swing (post caffeine, of course.) After two hours of hair and makeup sorcery by the fabulous Bernadette Fisers we were ready to begin shooting.


Got a hot date?

Here are our Bernadette’s top tips for a kiss-proof red lip:

1. Fill in your lips first with a red lip liner, colouring them in totally. This will increase longevity

2. Blot your lips several times and reapply, this will get the colour to sink into your lips and cause a stain

3. Powder your lips lightly before applying a matte lipstick


Hair still in rollers we had arrived at our shoot location, Zonzo Estate set in the beautiful Yarra Valley.


Sunrise and we had taken our first shot of the day!


blowflies. They wanted to be part of the photoshoot, too!


Our handsome male model arrived, feeling very pleased that he didn’t have to be up at 3am.


Humidity was at its peak, so every few minutes hair and makeup touch ups were needed.


Lift off! The hot air balloon took off on its 10 metre high journey.


Lunch time! (It made sense on the day, ok…)


Another of our models came bouncing down the road. The fabulously retro mint green FJ Holden Ute, that is.

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Pose! Snap! Pose! Snap! Pose! Snap!


The last coffee run for the day.


Finito! We took our last shots of the day and were ready to head home. After celebratory champagne that is, after all we were at a winery…

Special thanks to Zonzo & Global Ballooning for to tell our fashionable love story.