What to Wear to a Job Interview

What to Wear to a Job Interview

Time for a career change? See our outfit choices below for making a good first impression in the interview. Remember, whatever the dress code, making an effort won’t go unnoticed. Here’s the Review guide on what to wear to an interview.


First things first, wear a blazer. No other jacket will make the cut. Contemporary versions like longer
lengths with draping or waterfall fronts, and structured cropped cuts will avoid it from appearing
traditional. In a sea of black shoulder pad suits, choose navy as a modern alternative. A blazer has a
smart reputation so add interest by layering it over a billowy blouse. Always choose a blouse with
sleeves, it’s chic and appropriate. A sleeveless top won’t leave the impression you were after… When
it comes to a pop of colour, polka dot prints will spice up your not so corporate shirt and give the
interviewer a taste of your personality. Look to details like three quarter length sleeves and pussy bow
necklines which look especially elegant popping out of a collarless blazer.


Sensible shoes can be stylish too. If you’re opting for height, ensure your heel is not too high or thin. 
A block heel ticks all the trend boxes, as well as being comfortable and sophisticated. Otherwise, stick
to the perfect pair of flat pumps. They’re easy to style and don’t require an outfit change after your
morning commute. Look out for pointed toe flats and bow detailing which bring femininity to
the workwear staple.


Add some polish to your corporate ensemble with hair accessories, earrings or a necklace.
go overboard though, stick to a subtle colour palette that will complement your outfit instead of
overpowering it. Bringing a bag is also a good idea, even if it’s for holding a copy of your portfolio,
makeup and keys. Plus, it looks great. Avoid wearing your handbag cross body, instead hang
it nonchalantly over your shoulder or simply carry it in your hand. It’s all in the detail.

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Nothing looks more ladylike than a skirt. The way it moves when you walk proves you are perfect for the job.
There is one rule however: keep it knee length and below. No minis allowed. If you aren’t
feeling the midi skirt, pantsare the perfect choice. Pants can be styled to the occasion and season,
swapping your blouse for knitwear and those flats for heels. Choose silhouettes to flatter your
shape, whether it be slim cut or wide leg. Whatever you do, tuck in your blouse and give
definition to your frame.