Q & A | Paris Sawle Q & A | Paris Sawle

Q & A | Paris Sawle

Meet Paris, the illustrator that helped make the ICONS come to life.

31st January 2020
Q & A | Paris Sawle

It is no secret that the Review lifestyle has been a daily indulgence of mine for many years and it has been a pleasure to collaborate.

Q. How long have you been an illustrator for?

I have been drawing ever since I can remember, but aspired to be an illustrator since I was 17. I only started taking it a little more seriously about three or four years ago, when I realised fulfilment through expressing my passion for the pleasure of others. 

Q. What made you get into the industry?

My fascination for creativity - be it through expression, fashion or art. 

I studied an undergraduate Bachelor of Graphic Design, Creative Advertising, Photography & Illustration at University and later further studied Fashion Illustration Honours. This is where my deeper adoration for illustration flourished.  


Q. What do you love most about your job?

I adore exploring and finding where the lines feel the best. The fact that a stroke can communicate and express so much. A personality, ones style, attitude, feelings, thoughts and expressions. The fact that no two illustrations are ever the same. 


Q. You illustrated the five ICONS for Review, where did you draw inspiration from?


The inspiration was adapted from both past and present. A modern take on these stylish women who have made their mark in time, while still remaining true to the timeless, modern and chic ‘Review Girl’.


Q. Which ICON is your favourite?


Audrey Hepburn. Her style expresses that of refined elegance. She is quietly confident but also cheeky. I just love the classic and flattering slim fit of the stunning Hepburn Pencil Skirt, which can be paired with any shade… dressed up or down!