Top 5 Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Winter is finally here and with the colder weather comes one of the best times of the year to get creative with your wardrobe! During the cooler months, at times it can be a struggle for all of us to get out of bed and think about what to wear, especially when it’s dark and raining outside. However, having a closet of practical and fun options will not only save you time with outfit planning, it will also have you looking forward to starting your day in style.

23 June 2020
Winter Wardrobe Essentials
Winter Wardrobe Essentials


Cover up with a coat

1. Cover up with a coat

A coat is undoubtedly the most important wardrobe essential of the season, easily elevating any outfit from so-so to stylish. During winter, your coat is often the first part of your outfit which people see, so it is well worth investing in one which is classic and well made.

The design of a coat can enhance your body shape, so ensure you choose one which fits well and is also practical. Consider whether you want a waist tie and what kind of fit you prefer. Pockets are always practical and if you adore fur collars, then the Chatsworth Coat is a brilliant option. Not only does it have a removable fur collar and pockets, its fitted A-line style works exceptionally well for a range of body shapes. Its wool blend fabrication will also keep you snuggly warm over the coming months. 

Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Colour is another important consideration when it comes to your outerwear. Depending upon your own personal style, darker colours such as black or navy are always a great choice as they exude elegance (and also hide any marks a lot easier than light colours). Conversely, if your wardrobe palette is made up of lighter shades, then a pink or beige coat may be the perfect option. Don't forget to have fun with colour too. If your wardrobe mainly consists of neutrals, then this may be the time to add a pop of colour into your outfits with your choice of coat!

Lastly, the length of a coat is something to take into account before making your purchase. Longer coats work well for a range of events, from formal occasions to travelling on public transport - anytime you want to exude an air of elegance. Shorter length coats are a great option for more casual events and weekends. If you're petite then a shorter length may also work well as it won't overpower your appearance. This pretty Leto Short Coat in camel is a wonderful piece with its neutral colour and shorter length. It's zipped high collar will keep you warm and the waist tie will define and enhance your body shape. 

Winter Wardrobe Essentials


Keep it dressy

2. Keep it dressy

Dresses aren't just for spring and summer - they also work very well in the cooler weather too! With a little thought and accessorising, you can continue to look feminine and stay warm. With dresses for this season, look at longer hemlines, comfortable sleeves and heavier fabrics from the usual spring and summer cotton dresses.

A coat will keep you covered on top and practical choices such as hosiery and thermals will ensure you are warm underneath. Dark floral's are always a favourite option of mine for winter dresses and I adore the Blue Bouquet Dress for this time of year. Its longer sleeves and knee length hem are suitable for the season, whilst the fluted hemline, waistline ruching detail and pretty flower print add a playful touch of sophistication!

Winter Wardrobe Essentials


Cosy up in knitwear

3. Cosy up in knitwear

Personally, I adore Review's jumpers as they feel soft on the skin and the styles are always updated and on-trend. My pick from the current collection would have to be the Windsor Jumper in black. A soft kint with a pretty scalloped high neckline and fitted ribbed cuffs; it's elegant option which will work perfectly not only throughout winter but well into spring and autumn. 

Winter Wardrobe Essentials

One of my favourite parts of wintertime is soft and snuggly knitwear! There are so many styles to choose from and in my opinion; Review consistently has a great range year after year. From cardigans to jumpers, you're sure to find something that suits. The Chessie Cardigan is a great choice as it's so versatile and can be worn over a pretty dress. 
Winter Wardrobe Essentials


Pants are perfect for this time of year

4. Pants are perfect for this time of year

As lovely as it is to wear pretty dresses well into the chillier months, there are certainly going to be days when you will just want to pop on a pair of trousers! Whether it's because of miserable weather or perhaps you're simply after a different style, pants are undoubtedly an essential in your winter wardrobe. Review has a great range of trousers and abundance of colours and prints and also with matching jackets too. 
My personal pick would be the Mansfield Pants - part of Review's Icons collection. They are fitted in style and the fabric composition means they have a bit of stretch to the material. Available in both black and navy colourways, I'd highly recommend this option which does double duty for work wear as well as for the weekends. 

Winter Wardrobe Essentials


Accessories to polish your look

5. Accessories to polish your look

I couldn't leave out accessories from this top 5 winter wardrobe essentials list! Accessories have the power to transform your outfits and elevate them beyond the clothes you're wearing. And this category is where winter truly outperforms all the other seasons! Hats and gloves are not only feminine, they add extra warmth to an outfit. This pretty Bow Beret is a great option to add a hint of Parisian flair to your look and is available in this season's appropriate colours of burgundy and navy. Stockings are another practical option and they can add a playful touch to dresses and coats, with fun prints such as polka dots or bows. 

Winter Wardrobe Essentials


Belts cinch in your waist and can add a point of interest to any dress or trousers and top combo. Jewellery is like the icing on the cake for any Review girl and from the current collection, I adore these sweet Pearl Heart Earrings. Finally, scarves or stoles always add a touch of extra polish to any outfit, whilst keeping you toasty warm. My personal favourites is the Winter Love Scarf from Review, available in both pink and black. It's an investment piece which would take any outfit to the next level. 

With coats, knitwear and fun accessories to get creative with, winter has to be one of my favourite seasons when it comes to style! Just because the weather may be miserable outside, doesn't mean your outfit has to be. Incorporating these top 5 essentials into your winter wardrobe will ensure you not only look good but also feel good... and feeling great in what you're wearing is actually the real style secret, no matter what time of year it is!