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Meet Annie. Annie is as equally obsessed, dedicated & passionate about her chocolate addiction as she is running, shopping, Taylor Swift fangirling and floral dress collecting. Annie is rarely seen without her pearls or husband by her side. Annie runs fast, but even faster for a Review sale!

16 March 2020
Meet Annie
Meet Annie

Annie wears: Wild Roses Dress

How does wearing Review make you feel?

I feel confident, classy and proud.

I have been a lover of Review for over a decade and I know it will continue because it's so timeless.

What piece of advice would you give your past self?

Don't sweat the small stuff.

I tend to be a perfectionist - I use to stress over literally everything! 

Who is a woman that inspires you?

Allyson Felix. She is an African American sprinter and the most decorated athlete in the history of track and field.

I've been lucky enough to meet her twice and she was so humble and amazing.

She has been an activist for maternity rights after being dropped as a sponsor of Nike due to her pregnancy. 

Nike has since changed it's policy based on her activisim and other females involved.

She has also raised a lot of awareness for mortality rates of African Americans & women during labour.

She nearly lost her life during the delivery of her baby and ended up having a C section and returning to athletics only 10 months later!

She has been so proactive in representing women in sport, which is inspiring.

Who is your style icon and why?

Kate Middleton, she is flawless! 

She is so classy, elegant and effortless. I can picture her wearing Review!

Meet Annie
Meet Annie

What is something that sparks joy in your everyday life?

Being around the people I love, chocolate and running.

What is your go to motivational song or artist?

Taylor Swift - "Shake It Off" is a real banger.

If you could only pick 3 Review items to wear for the rest of the year, what would you pick?

That's a tough one. I would pick a cottoned lined dress to get me through summer, like the Rose Waltz Prom Dress.

Going into the winter months I would love a lightweight coat, probably the Lady Boss Coat.

Thirdly, I need a cardigan... any sort of pink cardigan!

Meet Annie
Meet Annie


We aren't a fashion brand, we are a community - a community of love, respect, and empowerment. 

#Reviewgirl is more than a hashtag, it's a way of life...

It's what we all live and breathe. Through good times and bad times we stand strong together.

Who run the world? REVIEW GIRLS!


Thank you Annie for being a part of the #ReviewGirl campaign.

Here's to you!


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