love your knits

Follow this easy guide to ensure your knits retain their as-new look and feel forever.

Our knitwear collection features delicate yarns and blends of merino wool, alpaca, and viscose. Due to the texture and cosiness of our premium yarns, some pieces have a natural tendency to pill or bobble without proper care. So show them some love!

Wear & care

knit care


  • Pilling can occur in areas of high friction (e.g. underarms)
  • This is a natural occurrence in luxury fabrications and is easily removed using a pilling comb
  • Performed regularly and you’ll have a mint-condition piece forever


  • Generally, the tighter the knit structure, the less likely it is to pull. But no knit is immune! Always keep in mind that jewellery, brooches, nails and even your set of keys can make a pull in your beloved knit


  • No hangers!
  • Neatly fold your knits and store flat
  • Feeling fancy? Add a lavender scented sachet to your wardrobe to prevent moths (gross) and to keep your knits smelling fresh (yay)

Washing & drying


  • Make sure to cold hand wash using non biological, bleach free detergent
  • Turn the garment inside out to protect the outer surface
  • Gently squeeze the liquid through the garment, being careful not to rub too much
  • Roll the garment in a clean towel to remove additional moisture

Re-shaping & drying

  • While damp, reshape the garment as near as its original shape as possible
  • All knitwear should be dried in a shaded area out of the sun, laid flat

For more information, check the care label found inside your garment