love your wool

This season’s collection of coats feature soft and luxurious wool blends, offering that extra cosy feel. Due to the delicate nature of these premium yarns, we’ve created this guide to ensure your coat remains in tip top condition.

Properties of wool:

  • Breathable, natural fibre
  • Soft hand feel
  • Odour resistant
  • Excellent longevity

Wear & care

knit care


In order to achieve a soft and luxurious hand feel, the wool we use contains fine fibres. As a result, slight pilling may occur. You can care for your wool garments once this happens with a few methods. We suggest removal by fabric shaver however there are a few other methods: razor, velcro style hair rollers, or shaver brick.


Hang coats on a broad hanger, so that the weight of the coat does not stretch the shape of the shoulders. During the warmer months, store coats in a garment bag to prevent moths from infesting the wool.

Washing & drying

Be honest. You’ve never washed your winter coat, have you?

Yes, we tend to wear our coats less often but coats are clothes too!
Wool coats need to be dry cleaned, but you can do a quick spot-clean using a damp cloth and mild soap. Use a lint brush to keep hair and debris away.

For more information, check the care label found inside your garment