Loyalty Frequently Asked Questions


How do I join the Review loyalty program?

You can join the Review Loyalty program by visiting any Review Boutique, Outlet, Myer Concession or by signing up online. Click here to enter your details and sign up online. Click here to find your closest store and the sales assistant will be able to help you sign up. 

Why do I need to provide my personal details to join?

In order for us to communicate the program's benefits and administer elements of the program we require your name, email, mobile, address and date of birth. Rest assured your personal information is secure and treated in accordance with the Privacy Act. 

If I am based outside of Australia or New Zealand, can I still join the loyalty program?

The Review Loyalty Program is currently only open to Australia & New Zealand Residents. You will only be able to earn and redeem rewards online via the AUS/NZ website.



Can I redeem my Review reward with an online purchase?

Yes, you can redeem your reward Online by ensuring you are logged into your account when checking out.

How do I add my Loyalty number to my online purchases?

You do not need to add your Loyalty card number to your online purchase. Your card number is automatically linked to your email address recorded in your loyalty account. As long as you have an online account and are logged in when shopping online your purchases will be recorded and you will accumulate loyalty points.

I recently joined up to the Loyalty program in store. How do I link the account online?

When joining the Loyalty program in store you are not automatically set up with an online account. You need to activate the online account using the same email that you provided when you joined in-store. Your store and online loyalty accounts will be directly linked via email address. Please click here to activate your online account. 

I forgot to log in when making my online purchase. How do I attach this sale to my loyalty account?

Unfortunately, we are unable to manually attach online transactions to your loyalty account. Please ensure you are logged in when processing an order online.

Can I earn and redeem awards when purchasing from Myer online?

You can earn rewards however you cannot redeem rewards when purchasing from Myer online. If your email address in your Myer online account is the same as the email address listed in your Review online account the Myer online sale will be added to your Review loyalty account automatically.

Can I earn and redeem awards when purchasing from The Iconic or Westfield Direct?

No, you cannot earn or redeem rewards when purchasing from The Iconic or Westfield Direct.



How does the loyalty program work with lay-bys?

Only once a lay-by purchase is finalised does the entire amount of the purchase count towards your monthly spend. You cannot use a loyalty voucher with any pay of a lay-by purchase.

Can I earn and redeem awards in Review Outlets?

You can earn rewards in Outlet stores. However from 2nd January 2020, rewards can no longer be redeemed in Outlet stores.

Can I earn and redeem awards in Myer Concessions?

Yes, you can earn and redeem rewards in Myer by simply quoting your account details to a Review team member.



When will I start earning rewards on my purchase?

Once you have signed up you will start earning points immediately.

How often will I be rewarded and to what value?

You will be rewarded every month based on your previous calendar month's shopping activity. Rewards will be issued between $15 and $100 based on your spend threshold. These rewards are only valid for the month in which they are issued. The maximum voucher that can be achieved in one month is $100.00 plus an additional $25 reward for every $250 you spend over $1000 each month valid up to a $5000 spend.

How long is my loyalty reward valid?

Loyalty rewards expire at midnight (AEDT) 30 days from which the reward was issued. Dress Circle customers have their reward valid for 60 days from the date of issue. The expiry date will be stated in your Reward email and loyalty rewards cannot be extended past the expiry date.

Am I eligible to receive the birthday reward?

From the 20th March 2023, to be eligible to receive the $20 birthday reward, members must have made at least one in-store purchase or one online order in the 6 months prior to their birthday

How can I check my spend progress?

You current spend balance can be checked at any of our Review stores or via your Review online account. By logging into your online account you can view your spend progress for the current month along with your current voucher balance. Please note it may take up to 48 hours for purchases recorded in your loyalty account to be visible online.

How do I change/update my email address in my Review loyalty account?

You can change and update your details by visiting any Review store, logging into your online account or contacting loyalty@review-australia.com.

If I have more than one loyalty card/account which should I use?

If you have more than one card/account or have had a different card number in the past, is it the Member's responsibility to update their member profile including their email, surname, birthday, phone number, and postal address. Members cannot have duplicate accounts, in doing so they are breaking loyalty terms and conditions and will have their accounts suspended immediately. Review will not be held responsible or liable if transactions are entered into the incorrect loyalty account.Only if the order email address matches your loyalty account email address will orders purchased under a guest account be applied to your loyalty account

What happens when I want a refund on a product purchased with a loyalty voucher?

Refunds for a purchase made with a loyalty voucher must be claimed in the same month that the voucher was issued. Refunds will not be accepted in following months unless our general terms and conditions or the law applies (for example, there is a fault with the product). Vouchers must still be used in the same calendar month of the value is forfeited.

As long as the purchase still qualifies for a refund you can choose between: an on the spot exchange for another item to the same value; or a refund of the loyalty voucher component onto you members account (which normally takes around 2 days) and the balance (if any) refunded in the same way it was paid.

Does purchasing or spending a gift card go towards my monthly balance?

Purchasing a gift card does not count towards your monthly balance. You cannot spend gift cards in conjunction of redemption of a loyalty card.