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My name is Liana and I’m a singer and writer who works at a University and also has a little fashion blog called Finding Femme. I live in Ballarat, home of Doctor Blake Mysteries and Australia’s Eureka flag. It’s a city small enough to be slow-paced but big enough to have great food, music and art. The city’s indigenous name – balla arat – means resting place, which is perfect for this grand town that boasts regal buildings, old botanic gardens and an elegant lake full of black swans.

When I’m not at work you’ll find me either working with one of the local amateur theatre companies, hanging out with my family in the gardens or at a local café, or drinking gin and playing James Bond theme songs at one of the many small bars around town.

An October collection at Review is always exciting because Review always include beautiful styles that are race ready as well as bright prints that celebrate the arrival of spring. Spring for me is about the enjoyment of fine weather, returning to sitting outside, dusting off my bicycle and having picnics. Coming from an Australian city that gets a real winter, spring is very welcomed.
The Floral Confetti Skirt and Mirabelle Cardi in Sunset I chose from the collection embodied spring to me. After a full season of grey skies, bare tree branches and wet, sparkling streets, the white, pink and orange colours are a tribute to the new season. Review cardigans are always long wearing; they keep their shape wear after wear. You can tell this from the moment you feel the knit beneath your fingertips because it’s soft and resilient, but with substance.
Whenever I put on a skirt or a dress I always run my fingers down the side seams looking for pockets. If there are pockets, I then do an excited little pocket dance. Aside from the treat of being able to put my hands into my pockets, I often runabout without a handbag and my essentials like phone, keys and money tucked into my pockets. It makes things easier when taking photos with my DSLR or carrying around my nephew. Naturally I was super excited when I discovered this skirt had pockets.
Not only does the skirt have pockets, so does this spectacular China Blue Dress. On this picnic with my sister it was exceptionally hard to not take every photo with my hands in my pockets. I fell in love with this print as soon as I saw it, partly because it reminded me of Spode crockery that my mother collects, and partly because it can be matched with any colour under the sun. For the picnic I went for a peach colour, but I could also imagine it with an orange red, a plum or a bright yellow. I think this makes it a perfect race day dress.
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