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As we introduce the first Review Denim collection, we reflect on the history of everyone’s favourite fabrication! For a lot of us, denim is our go-to in everyday life, whether it’s a great pair of jeans or an easy to throw on denim jacket. But what are the origins of denim and how did it ever come about?
In 1873, Jacob Davis and the Levi Strauss created the fabric that we know today as denim. This fabric was transformed into durable and sturdy work pants for men that did labour intensive jobs. Fitted with pockets and copper rivets to prevent ripping was once a functional element, but this is now is more of a style element.
Denim has come a long way from its humble beginnings as workwear, and are now the ultimate fashion staple that every woman (and man) should have in their wardrobe. In the 60s and 70s, it was all about different shades of denim from navy to sky blue, with a super high-waist fit and flared bottoms.
Acid wash reigned supreme in the 80s and came in everything from skirts to shorts and even skorts. The 90s was the decade where mum jeans were cool; featuring a high waist line and a slightly more baggy fit around the legs; they took into account comfort and style. Finally, the 00s, or denim as we know it today, is extremely diverse and includes prints, embroidery, different styles and unique new cuts and shapes.
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