How to Wear a Cami Top

How to Wear a Cami Top

The camisole is a truly a timeless piece of clothing and one of our year-round wardrobe staples. Not only has it become an officewear essential, but it can also be easily dressed up or down to satisfy nearly every occasion. Its sheer versatility makes it a crowd favourite that continues to survive the test of time. Learn about the many ways to wear and style a cami top now!

16 June 2020

What is a Cami?How to Wear a Cami Top

What is a Cami?How to Wear a Cami Top

Before we dive into how to style it, let's take a step back and learn what is a "cami". A camisole, or cami as we love to call it, is a loose-fitting spaghetti-strap top. They are usually made from glossier fabrics such as satin, nylon, polyester or silk, while some camis (like ours) feature lace embroidery and other detailing. 

Camis are typically seen as a good balance between smart and casual, making them super easy to dress up and down for whatever the event. They are great for those of us who love a comfy top that can be easily worn with skirts, pants, jeans, shorts and more!

Wearing to the OfficeHow to Wear a Cami

It's no secret that a cami top should be in your office-wear rotation. Apart from being amazingly comfortable, they allude a professional atmosphere without being inappropriate. When it comes to wearing a cami in the office, we always prefer to keep ours tucked in.

One of our favourite officewear looks is a cami semi-loosely tucked into a pair of figure-hugging pants. Otherwise, a pencil skirt or Ponte skirt will also look fabulous with a cami. 

For colours, we think everything goes! Black, white and light blue camis always look great with a pair of contrasting bottoms, while more vibrant colours such as reds, blues and pinks work better to complement colours in your skirt or pants.

To finish off your office look, layer your cami with a blazer or bolero to add depth and warmth to your ensemble. 

Wearing on the WeekendHow to Wear a Cami Top

Perfect for dinner parties, date night and Sunday morning brunch, the cami is perfect for almost every smart casual occasion. We love to pair ours with skinny jeans, wide-leg pants and midi skirts, or cute shorts if it's nice and warm. 
While in a more casual setting a cami can be worn untucked, we still love to keep ours tucked in for that clean, crisp look. In cooler months, we layer our camis with a knit cardigan or jumper for complete warmth and comfort.
Don't be shy, experiment with colours and styles to suit your look. Compared to wearing a cami in the office, we love a bright, bold look to showcase our lovely features. 

Tips for Wearing a Cami TopHow to Wear a Cami

While the cami top is one of our favourites because it can be worn in so many different ways, there are still a handful of tips that you need to consider:
  1. Unless you are going to a 90s themed birthday party, avoid layering over your cami with a t-shirt or long sleeve shirt
  2. Camis are designed to be worn loose, so a size up is better than a size down
  3. Accessorise your cami with either a statement necklace or earrings
  4. Choose a thin strap or even better, strapless bra to wear under your cami
How to Wear a Cami
How to Wear a Cami

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Love a cami top like us?

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